Texarkana College offers a wide range of campus activities- theater productions, concerts, student centered campus events and student organizations to engage students in campus life. Take the opportunity to get involved and make your Texarkana College experience a life changing educational and social event.

The students of Texarkana College are truly an invaluable asset to this institution. Come see what Texarkana College has to offer in return!

To be a member of an officially sanctioned extracurricular organization in the student life of Texarkana College, an individual must be registered in good standing as a student in the college. Specific prerequisites for membership in an officially sanctioned organization, and for holding office in such a group, are determined by the constitution and by-laws of the group; those documents having been approved by the Dean of Students and Student Life and the Student Life Committee of Texarkana College. Copies of each organization’s constitution are maintained in the Dean of Students Office.

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